rendition meaning

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RENDITION -Refers to secret CIA flights said to be done under an American extra-judical procedure called "extraordinary rendition". According to critics the purpose of this programme is to subject the terror suspects to aggressive methods prohibited in the US, including torture. Common destinations for suspects are countries known to use torture. This is why terms like "torture flights" and "outsourcing torture" are being used. Allegations about European airports being used as stop-overs by CIA transferring suspects to secret prisons have also occurred, forcing Europe to start investigations on this matter. To define "rendition": According to Amnesty International the term in this context describes the transfer of individuals from one country to another, by means that bypass all judicial and administrative due process. Its aim is said to be to keep detainees away from any judicial oversight that might impede interrogation. Since 2005, Several European countries have launched official inquiries into alleged CIA activities in Europe and into European governments’ alleged complicity in such activities.
The song is partly inspired by the academy award-winning 1982 film Missing starring Jack Lemmon.