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RASCHER - German doctor probably most known for his experimentation at Dachau concentration camp, concerning human resistance at high altitudes. He also had some ties to the operation of the gas chambers. In addition to these experiments. Dr. Rascher conducted many different types of experiments during his tenure at Dachau.In addition to his experimentation, Dr. Rascher also had a hand in the transports coming into Dachau and had a hand in developing the gas chamber into it's final form. It appears that Rascher was one of the men who first began experimenting with different types of gasses, ultimately helping the Nazi's to arrive at the Zyklon-B gas which was widely used in the gas chambers.
Ironically, Rascher was executed by the Nazi party following the war. It appears as though he and his wife were intermarried. This was strictly forbidden by the Nuremberg Laws of 1935.